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Need A one off IT Project completing or assistance with longer term IT Project?

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Flexible IT Project Management

Whether it’s a self-managed project or a full design and delivery project, our clients trust our Project Managers to deliver when it matters most.

Our comprehensive project road-maps ensure everyone is kept up to date on the latest developments and regular catch-ups ensure the project stays on track and on budget.

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    Business Services we offer

    Servers and Storage

    Looking for a server update? Need help setting up your first server? Our projects team are always on hand to advise which service is best for you and our trained engineers will be able to assist every step of the way.


    Upgrading your telephone systems? Getting ahead of the Telecoms/VoIP switch off? Our Projects Team will manage your move to your new connection to minimise disruption to your business.

    Migration to the cloud

    Our Cloud services offer both increased security and decreased costs for businesses. Our personalised consultancy can show what cloud services are best for your organisation.

    Hosted Desktop

    All the benefits of an office computer, without the need for an office! Hosted Desktops allow users to log in from all over the world, truly creating a flexible, globalised workforce where collaboration is easy.

    Disaster Recovery

    How would your business continue in the event of a disaster? Our Disaster Recovery and Back-up services take the worry away. In the event of an emergency you can rely on us to be by your side.

    Office Relocation

    Moving office is a stressful time. Our Project Managers take this stress away by planning & implementing the perfect office move. Move not going to plan? Don’t worry, we are experienced and will get you back on track.


    VOIP telephony saves money for your organisation and improves both portability and flexibility for your workforce.

    PC Refresh

    Planning to upgrade all your office PC's? We can help with planning and deployment.

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    The Doctor Tech Project Management System

    Stage 1


    Our project Manager will take a detailed breakdown of what needs to be completed and by when

    Stage 1

    Stage 2


    They turn this into a Project Roadmap detailing the key deliverables and dependencies.

    Stage 2

    Stage 3


    We undertake the project, liasing with 3rd parties, suppliers and stakeholders.

    Stage 3

    Stage 4


    Regular reviews of the project roadmap and rectifying any issues means the project stays on time and on budget.

    Stage 4

    Stage 5


    The project is delivered to the client’s satisfaction.

    Stage 5
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